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Mike Weaver, Owner

Mike Weaver started Stanford Avenue Automotive Repair in 2003.  A "near" native, Mike has lived in Santa Cruz since the age of 3 and was exposed to cars at an early age since his father owned a tow yard.  When he was 14, Mike got a job at a local gas station as a service station technician and started performing oil changes.  While working there, someone walked in one day and offered him a spot in the Sequoia Institute of Auto Repair.  Mike graduated from Sequoia in 1994 and began working in independent auto repair shops.

Mike has been married for 18 years to his beautiful wife Jennifer, who he met in 8th grade.  They have two sons - Dylan 16 and Justin 14, who have a passion for baseball.  In his spare time Mike likes to spend time with his family and loves golfing with his boys.

History of Stanford Avenue Automotive

Stanford Avenue Automotive began with a simple belief — that there is a better way to operate an Automotive Repair shop. Founder Mike Weaver has spent many long years learning his craft. Mike earned a degree in Automotive Mechanics at Sequoia Vocational Technical College, and earned the distinction of Master Certified Technician from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), in 1996.  During this time, Mike developed his dream of opening his own auto repair shop, one that values customer relationships and understands the intangibles that matter to you — reliability, safety, peace of mind, trustworthiness and convenience.

One thing will always remain the same — our mission at Stanford Avenue Automotive is to make getting your vehicle serviced or repaired a more pleasant and less confusing experience.

Stanford Avenue Automotive was first opened in 2003 and currently operates with ASE Certified mechanics, Mike Weaver, and his wife Jennifer.

ASE Certified Mechanics

From the ASE website"ASE stands for National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.  ASE is a national testing organization which sets standards for automotive technicians.  To become certified by ASE, a technician first must have repair experience on a particular system, then take and pass the ASE test for that system.  All ASE certifications are valid for 4 years, and then the Technician must re-take and pass the updated test to be re-certified on that particular system."

ASE Certified Master Technician

"When you see the ASE logo at a repair facility, be aware, that not all the mechanics at the shop need to be certified. Unless you ask, you don't know if the mechanic working on your car is ASE certified, or which type of ASE certification he has achieved."

"If a Technician is certified in all of the 8 areas, he is then known as an ASE Master Certified Technician.  A Master Certification is very difficult to accomplish.  Most repair shops do not employ a Master Technicians.  If they do, the Master Technician is usually the highest paid Technician and works on the most complicated repairs."