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Steering and Suspension — Shocks and Struts

The suspension in your car or truck is an intricately networked series of cooperating parts that are intended to provide an even, stable, and smooth ride. The suspension system in your vehicle takes a considerable amount of road abuse, therefore many of the suspension system's components will wear out or break as a result.

There are many symptoms of a faulty suspension system and being aware of common warning signs can save you from having expensive repair costs, and keep your passengers and you safe. Some of these warning signs may include a vehicle's tendency to pull to one side when driving, wheels wiggling and wandering back and forth, bouncing/dipping after going over a bump, steering wheel slipping, difficulty steering, wheel vibration, screeching or screaming noises when steering at low speed, or wearing tires out prematurely.  

Stanford Avenue Automotive will inspect your vehicle to determine what's wrong, and is equipped to handle any suspension problem.

Steering & Suspension Services

  • Struts
  • Shocks
  • Ball joints
  • CV joints
  • Sway bar bushings
  • Control arms and bushings
  • Inner and outer tie rod ends
  • Center links
  • Springs
  • Air ride suspensions
  • Air shocks
  • Traction control repairs
  • Active steering systems
  • Shim kits
  • Camber kits
  • Lift kits for trucks