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Smog Check and Inspection

Smog Check

Stanford Avenue Automotive is a California-licensed Smog Check and Repair Station and one of the few auto repair shops in the Santa Cruz area that is licensed to perform Enhanced Smog Checks .

Enhanced Smog Checks

In parts of California where smog pollution is higher, vehicle owners are now required to complete an "enhanced" version of California's Emissions Test.  The enhanced smog test requires your vehicle to be driven on a dynamometer while the smog machine collects emissions samples from the exhaust pipe.  "Dyno-Testing" used in the enhanced smog check produces a more accurate smog profile of your car because it measures it's exhaust output under simulated driving conditions by testing it while it runs on an automotive treadmill.

The "Basic" smog test requires vehicles to be tested, only at idle and 2500 rpms. "Basic" smog test vehicles do not need to be driven on a dynamometer.