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Oil Change and Lube

There are two types of oil change and lube services. One is routine preventive maintenance where your old oil and filter is changed as quickly and cheaply as possible every 3000 miles to remove metal, dirt, moisture, acid and other impurities that can damage your engine. It is performed by technicians, not experienced ASE Certified Mechanics, and in many cases, the price of the service is barely above material costs.

The other type of oil change and lube service not only replaces your oil and filter with factory factory-specified and expert-recommended oils and oil filters, but is performed by ASE Certified Mechanics who also perform a complete inspection of your car. Their goal is to spot problems early, before they become bigger, more costly problems, AND most importantly, before they leave you stranded on the side of the road late at night or on your way to an important appointment.

At Stanford Ave Automotive, our oil, filter and lube service is not just preventive maintenance, it is peace of mind. It includes:

The discount oil change services and oil change coupon deals are fine.  They get the job done and regular, frequent oil changes are important. However, every third oil change, or before that long road trip, bring your car to us for a full service oil change that brings you peace of mind by helping to ensure that you or a loved one does not end up stranded on the side of the road, and by preventing small problems from becoming big, expensive problems later.