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Electrical System Diagnosis & Repair

Many automotive shops shy away from repairing electrical wiring problems.  At Stanford Avenue Automotive, we have the experience and tools to fix electrical issues such as meters, short locators, lab scopes, and test lights.

Modern automobiles have many electrical components from the alternator to the power windows.  If one aspect is not working properly, it can impact all the components. We will do a complete inspection checking everything from the charging system to the power steering and windows.   No electrical repair is too large or too small.  Whether it's a blown fuse or new battery, an electric window or door locks, or an issue with your car's sophisticated electronics, Stanford Avenue Automotive Repair can handle it.

Electric Repair Services

  • Brake Lamps
  • Climate Control
  • Cruise Control
  • Door Locks
  • Electric cooling fans
  • Electrical Shorts
  • Engine Temperature Gauge
  • Engine Management
  • Flashers
  • Fuel Gauge Repair
  • Fuse Replacement
  • Headlamps
  • Horn Repair
  • Ignition Switch
  • Ignition Switch Repair
  • Interior Lighting          
  • Oil Pressure Indicator
  • Power Door Locks
  • Power Mirrors            
  • Power Seating           
  • Power Windows
  • Turn Signal Repair     
  • Warning Chime
  • Window Defogger Switch      
  • Windshield Wiper Motor
  • Windshield Wiper Washer