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Air Conditioning and Heating Diagnostics & Repair

Stanford Avenue Automotive offers air conditioning & heating system repair. From simple A/C recharges to complete system overhauls - including evaporator & heater core replacements - our experienced ASE-Certified auto technicians will get the job done right.  We also do conversions from R12 to R134A for older cars (around 1995 and older).

Air conditioning repair can be one of the most expensive repairs on your car, so maintaining your AC is very important and can mean the difference between lasting a lifetime or an expensive repair.

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Servicing

Owner's manuals have no service interval for the automotive air conditioning system.   It is a known fact that an AC system that is even 10% low will not carry the needed lubrication oil to the A/C compressor.  As refrigerant leaks out over time so does the lubricating oil.   R134a systems are more prone to problems and should be serviced yearly to avoid any big repair bills.  Proper air conditioning service and repair is critical for system performance and longevity.

An AC system that is over charged is just as bad as undercharged. Undercharged air conditioning systems cause damage to the compressor since the compressor is deprived of needed lubrication. Overcharge causes excessive pressures resulting in unwanted and damaging heat.  

Knowledge and air conditioning repair equipment go hand in hand in order to service and repair automobile air conditioning. Electrical knowledge is required in AC diagnosis and repair.   Remember that an AC system is combination of mechanical, electrical and gaseous systems and any of the three systems may cause it to not work properly.  We have the experience and training to service and fix your vehicles air conditioning system.

We have brand new compressors and accumulators and we service R134a and R 12 systems. Our air conditioning services include:

Air Conditioning Services

  • Condenser and evaporator installation
  • Leaking heater core repair
  • Cooling systems repair
  • Automatic climate control repair
  • Electric blend door motor repair
  • Programmer repair
  • Dash control unit repair
  • Vent repair
  • Fan clutch repair
  • Receiver dryer repair
  • Expansion valve orifice tube repair
  • Full hose rebuild, repair, or replacement

Heater Repair

Your car’s climate control system includes heating as well as cooling.  We have the expertise  and the right tools to get the job done right: